Rating: 3 moons

“Cats are notoriously picky about who they like. And if a cat doesn’t like it’s owner it will go and find another one. Cats do that all the time.”

As a self confessed ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, this book was one that I couldn’t wait to read! My friend had bought me the book as a Christmas present and I decided to start it as soon as I’d finished my previous read. I read a lot more fictional novels than I do memoirs and non-fiction, but I have recently begun to read more autobiographies and have really enjoyed them so this was a great read for the start of 2017!

This is the story of James Bowen, and how Bob the cat managed to help him turn his life around. James is a homeless man who has recently begun to overcome his addiction to drugs; by day he busks on the streets of London. One day he comes home to the flat which he has finally been given, and discovers a ginger tom cat in his building who seems to attach himself to him.

Now I’m a huge sucker for any animal who looks like it needs some love, and although James wasn’t as enthusiastic as I would have been about this gorgeous cat who had decided it wanted him as his new owner, the love that grew between the pair was so heartwarming.

The book is in no way the work of literary genius, but I don’t know how anyone could not be left with a smile on their face after reading about the friendship that grows between this struggling pair.

bob high five.gif

If you feel like you need a pick me up during this winter months, I’d definitely recommend this book; and if you still need some convincing? Just have a look on Youtube for videos of Bob, or even better watch the film that was released a few months ago starring Bob himself!